mardi 23 novembre 2010

Didier Gaultier - Twitter

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, an American software architect born in Saint Louis, Missouri. As soon as his teenage years, Jack developped information dispatching systems that are still being used by taxicab companies. In 2000, Jack Dorsey was living in Oakland and developing an information dispatching Web service for couriers, taxis and emergency services. He later developed the concept of Twitter with the founders of Blogger, who'd sold everything to Google to start Odeo.

The service Twitter is an information dispatcher: You send it, and it naturally spreads to the persons who follow you. The Twitter system goes beyond what we've experienced until today, because if one individual that receives my information decides that his network should get that information too, that individual just has to retweet, and the natural dispatching goes on. It's been a year that I have added myself as an atom of the Twitter juggernaut. If you'd like to dispatch to me, or read my dispatched tweets, look for Didier Gaultier on Twitter. See you there.

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