lundi 31 mai 2010, the new spot for email marketers

A few weeks back, Epsilon launched the Email Institute, a new Website dedicated to provide elaborated answers to all email marketing professionals out there. Epsilon initially observed that, while there were many email experts sharing their knowledge on the Web, there was not a specific place where all that quality content was gathered. In an effort to tackle that, Epsilon launched the Email Institute.

Right now, the features on the Website are pretty basic, in order to leave room for the important thing: The content. Epsilon detected that email marketers had issues when it came to figuring out new trends and ways to adapt to it. The purpose of the Email Institute is to find and organize the mass of information available online, and make it available for its users (sounds kind of familiar? :)

Hence, on the site, email marketers will find resourceful categories of information such as the "Social Media and email", "Email analysis", or "mobile email".

Each category contains a list of posts originating from external publishers. The Email Institute merely organizes all that content in a fashion that makes it extremely accessible to anyone. There is also an event page that collects all email marketing upcoming events. Sweet!

So if you are an email marketer, head over to the Email Institute, follow the Email Institute on Twitter, and make sure to connect with me!


Didier Gaultier

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